You have now seen what Omeir Travel Agency has to offer. However, we firmly believe that no one has a better understanding of what your perfect sports travel experience looks like than you. That is why we offer a personalized package with a consultative approach to help you create your flawlessly tailored, once in a lifetime trip!

The Omeir Travel Agency guarantee:

Before your adventure…

As soon as you get in touch with us, our representatives will make sure to answer every one of your questions and inquiries clearly and with complete transparency, walking you through the booking process. You will be provided information regarding:

  • What your package includes
  • The payment schedule
  • When you can expect to receive your travel documents
  • What services we can offer you

In the first 24 hours after your booking, you will be contacted by our sports travel Consultant. We will be at your disposal throughout your journey. Your personla sports consultant will:

  • Introduce themselves and provide you with their contact information
  • Send you a copy of your invoice and booking confirmation
  • Send you payment reminders a week before the due date and send updated invoices following each payment
  • Offer knowledge and assistance for services such as restaurant reservations, kick-off times and spa appointments among others, in order to enhance your experience

In the exciting month prior to your departure, we will be in frequent contact with you to ensure you are prepared and understand the final details of your trip by doing the following:

  • Inform you when your travel documents will arrive
  • Inform you what documents will be included
  • Email you your tour itinerary for all major events
  • Email you general information regarding your destination and stay

It goes without saying, that your At-Your-Service Personal Concierge is available to you at any point during your trip for anything you may require.

When you are travelling…

Our dedicated host team will take every precaution to ensure you enjoy a memorable and stress-free experience throughout your stay. Your local host as well as your personal concierge will be available to assist you at any and all points during your journey, using your preferred method of communication, be it phone, text or personal meeting.

At any point during your trip, your local host is available to personally meet and assist you in any was possible. You decide your preferred method of communication, whether that may be a call, a text or a personal meeting in your hotel lobby, your host will be there to accommodate you. For non-hosted events, your Personal Concierge will contact you on the following day to ensure all is well and to assist you with any questions you may have about the next day.

Upon your return…

Welcome back! It is our hope that you can look back on your trip as a great journey and can say you made some lasting memories. And of course, that your team wins the tournament! We will get in touch with you a week after you’re back in order to enquire about your experience and invite you to take part in our short online survey.

download our Moscow travel guide

Moscow Travel Guide

This amazing city exceeded our expectations and we’re sure you’ll feel the same. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing Moscow, it offers so much more than the picture postcard views of St. Basil’s Cathedral that it is so often associated with (though those are pretty amazing too). We’ve been busy traveling back and forth to Russia to prepare for the 2018 World Cup and have discovered that modern Moscow has a burgeoning restaurant scene, an enviable arts community, and some other unique experiences that we couldn’t wait to share with our guests. Check out our travel guide to see everything we love about Moscow.

Download Moscow Travel Guide

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